PMP Sales Announces Launch of New Division – PMP Consulting

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PMP SALES of Lakewood, NJ recently announced the launch of its newest division – PMP Consulting. “The quality of life for today’s retailers is at an all-time low,” says Ron Cooper, PMP’s VP of Sales. “There are unprecedented challenges, long work hours, and conflicting priorities that drain resources and create confusion. Our consulting processes identify these issues and help retailers map out clear strategies to improve growth and profits, enabling everyone concerned to achieve the goals they desire.
“This division will be headed by Jim Grandillo, a 40-year furniture veteran who got his start helping to design the Ethan Allen’ in-store designer program. He has been a consultant to the home furnishings retail industry for the past 20 years, having worked at two of the early pioneers in the home furnishings consulting field. We are glad to have him on board.”
PMP’s consulting program begins with an intense but focused two-day business analysis. Once critical areas of concern are identified, PMP will work with the retailers to create plans to improve deficiencies, control expenses, and raise productivity – all with an eye to helping the owners achieve the objectives they desire. “Our General Consulting program is like a physical fitness program for your store – we find out what your business needs to succeed and then work with you to make it happen – all the while making sure everyone’s personal and professional goals are met,” says Jim Grandillo. “This is not a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all experience – unlike how other consulting companies in our industry perform, our work with you is tailored to each retailers’ specific needs and situation. Every store and every marketplace is different, so we have to bring best business practices to bear upon each client’s uniqueness. We can’t afford to generalize or paint with a wide brush.”
PMP’s work will focus on goal-setting and performance improvement for all personnel as well as shoring up organizational processes, job descriptions, and strategic planning. They provide management training and skills improvement, sales training, and workshops covering budgeting, succession planning, and policy implementation. Additional services include training in in-home selling, creation of policy manuals, hiring and interviewing training, budgeting, operations, increasing mattress sales, etc.
They can be contacted at 732-930-6160 or through their website,
About PMP Sales: PMP Sales is a leading promotion and consulting firm having helped many independent furniture stores all over the US since 1985. They are a service provider for two of the premier home furnishings buying groups, both FMG & Furniture 1st. Taking a strategic and consultative approach is central to PMP Sales’ promotion methodology. They work closely with clients to understand their current situation and future objectives. Wherever possible, PMP Sales strives to salvage an under-performing retail store rather than immediately embark on a liquidation. In fact, PMP Sales has a long history of helping clients turn-around struggling businesses without resorting to outright store closings.

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