45th CIFF Guangzhou reopens

  •    Author: Mike Jasfer

With the global challenges being faced from COVID-19, the 45th edition of CIFF Guangzhou will be the first large-scale furniture trade fair held in Asia in 2020.
The business platform will feature the best brands selected by the organizers, in order to present eye-catching design products with innovative concepts that are in line with the latest trends of a rapidly evolving market.
The China Import and Export Fair Complex will be filled and animated by the presence of various events and themed exhibitions developed in collaboration with important leading partners of the sector.
Efforts are being made by the organizers to support exhibitors and visitors in such a complicated historical moment. Events, forums, presentations, etc., will be broadcasted via online streaming on important thematic networks, giving everyone the opportunity to be present in one way or another and to experience the excitement of the trade fair.
Among the scheduled events is the Global Conference Industry Trend Conference 2020, where important international experts will be participating with the aim of creating guidelines and a professional approaches in order to better design and further expand the furniture market on a global level.            
The “Design Spring” Contemporary Chinese Furniture Design Fair, which will be held in Hall 3.2, will be an exhibition focused on the integration of art, design and lifestyle, with the aim of reconsidering and discovering the exceptional cultural and artistic value of the Chinese production of contemporary furniture, to promote brands and to support the promotion of Chinese furniture worldwide. The 2030+ International Future Office will be held for the first time at CIFF Guangzhou. With the theme “oasis”, the event will offer an exciting spatial experience to explore the infinite possibility of working mode that skilfully combines real-world scenarios and virtual interactions.
Other exhibitions and events, among which are the Bay Area Urban Design Exhibition, the CIFF Designers Workshop and the “Firefly Museum” Creative Children’s Interior exhibition, will represent communication platforms specifically created for both established and up-and-coming designers, who will have the opportunity to engage with and create productive relationships with the exhibitors.
A selection of the most interesting new products will also be presented online on the CIFF Guangzhou website. This represents the first step towards a future strategy that will see an ever increasing integration between the necessary physical presence at the trade fair and interactive communication, in order to enable innovative and more effective exhibitions.
About CIFF: Founded
in 1998, the China International Furniture Fair (CIFF) has been
successfully held for 40 sessions. CIFF is one of the most influential
furniture exhibitions in the world. It runs twice a year in both
Shanghai and Guangzhou. Every year the spring edition in Guangzhou
connects over 3900 world leading brands with more than 170,000
professional attendees from 200 countries and regions, creating immense
value for the international furniture industry. It is expected that CIFF
will be a great platform for American design to enter the Asia Pacific
market. For more information, visit http://www.ciff.furniture

45th CIFF Guangzhou 2020
China Import and Export Fair Complex & PWTC EXPO Guangzhou, China
July 27-30, 202

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