American Mattress Alliance Announces Inaugural Board of Directors

  •    Author: Mike Jasfer

The AMA recently  announced it’s inaugural board of directors. The American Mattress Alliance (AMA) was created in response to an anti-dumping petition filed with the International Trade Commission (ITC) on March 31, 2020.Nearly 30 businesses in the bedding industry, ranging from suppliers to retailers to service providers, formed the AMA to align efforts and push back against the petition.
Chairperson of the Board is Scott Burger, CEO of Classic Brands.
Vice Chair of the Board is Keith Reynolds, president of Zinus U.S.
President is Steve Douglas, vice president of operations at Maven.
Executive Secretary is Josh Micklos, COO of American Star.
Treasurer is Chris Dockter, CEO of Legends Furniture.

“I’m honored to serve on the AMA’s board of directors alongside likeminded industry peers who stand to defend the availability and affordability of essential consumer products,” said Scott Burger. “Classic Brands has spent nearly 50 years listening to our customers and learning how to best support them and pushing back on this petition is another means by which we’re putting them first.”The AMA was formalized as a nonprofit trade organization just days after the initial petition was filed. The grassroots movement gained traction as respondents rushed to meet the rapid deadlines required
by the ITC. The organization filed a resolution to build the inaugural board.“This group has the precise experience necessary to fight this petition. At Zinus, we put innovation and customer satisfaction first, and that focus has made us successful—not using allegedly dumped
product,” said Keith Reynolds. “It’s time for us to work together.”Each board member will serve a three-year term.
About The American Mattress Alliance: The AMA’s mission is to ensure that high-quality, innovative sleep products remain accessible to the American consumer, an effort that has taken on increased urgency following the COVID-19 pandemic. They affirm no dumping is occurring. The first board of directors consists of representatives across the bedding industry. To join the AMA, or to see their full Articles of Incorporation, email Communications Chair Bryce Larsen at
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