Sagebrook Home Launches New Sister Company to Provide PPE Resources for the Home Furnishings Industry

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Home decor manufacturer Sagebrook Home announces resources for the home furnishings industry, as they launch a sister company, Comfort and Care Health Co (C&C Health Co). Offering resources of personal protective equipment or PPE, by leveraging their overseas contacts to import and stock wholesale supplies.
Marketing Director, Serena Martin, shares insight into Sagebrook Home’s new business venture and why their company decided to get into the importing and distribution of PPE wholesale supplies. 
Why did Sagebrook Home decide to get into the business of importing PPE?
Sagebrook Home founders, the Kachan family, have run a successful fashion, textiles and manufacturing business for the last 35 years.  Leveraging their family’s three decades of experience regarding importing overseas, they began to source PPE in late Feb 2020.  As the scarcity for PPE became more apparent, moving into early March, Sagebrook Home decided to increase their orders and established a separate business Comfort & Care Health Co. In order to provide resources to the trade community, and to support their customer’s worldwide. 
Who is C&C Health Co’s potential customer? 
C&C Health is a wholesale business. We offer wholesale PPE supplies in bulk, to all our Sagebrook Home customers and to other resale businesses. Whether our customers want to ship a small amount of PPE with their home decor orders or if a business is strictly looking for a wholesale resource for PPE, we offer drop ship or LTL shipments from our Los Angeles distribution center. Sagebrook Home currently receives 15-20 containers a week and exports full containers to over 60 countries from our200,000 sf facility so we are able to accommodate wholesale PPE orders on a large scale. We are also negotiating special freight rates for Canadian orders, should they need resources for wholesale PPE.
Who has C&C Health Co. provided PPE for? 
Since the company’s April 28th soft launch, we have helped businesses large and small within our trade community, from retailers, to hospitality and even commercial construction companies. Some of our first customers were logistics carriers and a number of healthcare facilities who needed PPE resources. At Sagebrook Home we think of our customers as our family, and we have been fortunate to be able to help our extended family with wholesale PPE supplies across the home furnishings and manufacturing industry. 
As of this week, we are nearly stocked on our current product collection with new items and selections launching soon. Sharing that all of our C&C Health Co. PPE supplies, are all FDA certified and documented for all our facemasks, face shields, gloves, isolation gowns, safety glasses, touchless thermometers and hand sanitizers.
Is C&C Health optimistic about the reopening of businesses?
We know that the reopening process is going to take some time, and for consumers to feel safe to resume visiting businesses again.  Hearing this week as both states and local governments are establishing new guidelines for how businesses can reopen, while staying safe. We are hopeful that by providing our customers with wholesale PPE resources it will help their businesses to reopen safely and begin to prosper again. 
How has Sagebrook Home adapted to no postponed markets?
Understanding that as we adjust to delays or postponements in markets and how our industry will source products we are offering digital solutions will help our customers.  So that they can still experience and shop from our extensive product selections while they are not able to attend a market.
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Has C&C Health Co sidetracked Sagebrook from their decor manufacturing focus? 
Not at all. Our company hasn’t missed a beat. We are still working around the clock to design and develop innovative and trendsetting products to bring to the marketplace. Our newest Spring 2020 hardcopy catalog is shipping next week and our Summer 2020 Furniture and Accents Catalog is in production now. Featuring 100’s of new introductions for summer markets and including new exciting collections and emerging trends our customers will love. 
What’s next for Sagebrook Home? 
Our company is actually growing and we are currently looking to hire 5 + staff members to join our Sagebrook Home family. Job opportunities and positions range from assistant buyers and purchasing, manufacturers reps for both the US and Canada, order entry personnel /customer service managers and ecommerce data specialists. Should anyone be interested in joining the Sagebrook Home family email
About Sagebrook Home: Based in the Commerce, CA, Sagebrook Home was born from the love of design, leading the trade industry with design creativity, manufacturing and distributing over 10,000 unique and innovative home decor products, with a commitment to quality and above all exceptional service to our clients. 

Known throughout the industry as being one of the friendliest, and easiest companies to work with.  Sagebrook Home, features flexible B2B buying options that range from ordering direct containers to full truckloads, case pack bulk ordering and individual decor items for immediate delivery all over the world. 
In styles ranging from transitional, traditional to modern contemporary, Sagebrook Home offers endless options for stylishly affordable home decor, accessories, accents, furniture, lighting and wall decor. In order to personalize your irresistible designs, to enhance your retail showrooms, furnish your Hospitality projects and for consumers to enjoy in their own homes. For more information, visit 

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