PERQ Launches New Tool to Help Retailers Combat Coronavirus Effects

  •    Author: Mike Jasfer

PERQ announced that it is launching its new Virtual Consultation Scheduler to help minimize the effects of coronavirus shutdowns on retailers. The scheduling tool has been added to the PERQ Marketing Cloud and is available to new customers.
“We had this scheduler in the works to launch later this year,” says PERQ Co-Founder Scott Hill. “When it became clear that the coronavirus was going to disrupt business-as-usual, we started working around the clock to get it finished, tested and ready for retailers anxious to find new ways to continue making sales despite temporary showroom shutdowns.”
The virtual consultation experience allows retailers to spread awareness about the option for customers to still meet with a sales associate online or over the phone, even though the brick and mortar store may be closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Shoppers can schedule a virtual consultation using the PERQ software on the retailer’s website.
“We know that shoppers spend more when they have sales associates who can answer their questions and guide them through the process versus just ordering from a website,” says Hill. “Our Virtual Consultation Scheduler allows customers to seamlessly schedule a one-on-one ‘meeting’ with a sales associate who can give them the personal attention they crave, make recommendations and answer questions about the differences between products.”
The PERQ technology works incredibly well with Wondersign’s recently-launched Remote Selling capability. Wondersign’s desktop app lets sales associates show customers the company’s online sales catalog via screen share. Associates can point out items that the shopper might not find or explore on their own and let them know which items are in stock right away. This helps retailers sell existing inventory instead of going after special orders.
“A lot of furniture manufacturers are also shut down right now,” Hill says. “It’s important to help customers find items that are in stock and they can get quickly. The bonus for retailers is that they can sell off their existing stock despite the slower traffic. Virtual consultations are a win for everyone right now.”
New PERQ customers wanting to try the scheduler and other Marketing Cloud features can get a free 90-day trial.
PERQ is also offering a free Digital Sales Guide to help retailers empower their teams during the COVID-19 pandemic with qualified sales leads despite the lower store traffic most areas are seeing. The guide offers tips on how to make the most of virtual consultations, best practices for text messaging and recommendations for email lead nurturing. Retailers interested in the guide can click on this link.
About PERQ: PERQ (,
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