Operation: Ignite Provides 10 Topical Seminars for Design Professionals Navigating Turbulent Times

  •    Author: Mike Jasfer

Design business transformation specialists, Gail Doby Coaching & Consulting, is providing expert business advice to all interior design professionals through 10 complimentary online seminars dubbed Operation: Ignite.  Each seminar focuses on a different topic, all relevant to managing, and even growing, your business during turbulent times.  Each presentation is hosted by Gail Doby and one or more guest speakers, each of whom has a specialty related to a particular area of business.
“There is very little more frightening than feeling you’re alone during shaky times,” says Doby, “We’ve spent years guiding design professionals through rough waters, creating extraordinary success.  We are bringing that expertise to bear to help all designers move through and beyond the current unsettling circumstances.”
The series of seminars are offered live and via downloadable recording so designers can participate as their schedules permit.  During the live sessions, attendees can ask questions, post comments and share ideas with the group.  Topics were specially developed to be timely and pertinent for what is happening across the design world today.  Some of the content includes:
How to Manage Your Team Remotely…Even If You Have to Lay Off
How to Create a Great Client Experience When You’re Not in Person
Software Tools to Help Your Business Operate More Smoothly
How to Plan for Cash Flow…What Expenses to Cut, What Expenses to Keep
How to Market Ethically During Uncertain Times…And How To Spread the Love
How to Create A Vision for the Future, Even When You’re Unsure
How to Keep Emotionally Strong: Creating Your Own Sanctuary
Each live session lasts one hour and they will be offered throughout the month of April.  Recorded sessions are available to all seminar attendees and will be shared at the close of the Operation: Ignite series for a limited time.
To find the upcoming live sessions, visit https://gaildoby.com/press-ignite.  Click register to be added to the session offerings.
About Gail Doby Coaching & Consulting: Gail Doby Coaching & Consulting is the premier business transformation consulting group for professional interior designers and design firms.  Having coached more than 10,000 design professionals across dozens of countries, Gail Doby Coaching & Consulting offers one-on-one intensive business “reset” VIP sessions, small group VIP programs, mastermind groups known as The Alliance and The Boardroom, live multi-day business and professional development events, and ongoing coaching programs, all built to help designers scale their business, become more profitable, efficient and to reignite their passion for design.  To learn more, visit gaildoby.com.

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