High Point at Home Goes LIVE

  •    Author: Mike Jasfer

High Point at Home, a platform built specifically to support the needs of interior design professionals and the brands that cater to them, is now live. 
Steelyard, a digital sourcing platform for designers, joined forces with the High Point Market Authority to help High Point Market exhibitors showcase their new introductions and existing product assortments, and for designers to connect with brands via virtual showroom tours, photography, look-books, e-catalogs and more.  Through High Point at Home designers can find which brands are open for business and fulfilling orders; schedule a personal consultation with brands; view Zoom chats with industry superstars and more.  Fresh content, additional professional education resources and more products will be added to High Point at Home throughout the coming weeks.  Michael D’Imperio, Steelyard’s COO, will post a daily video brief highlighting what’s new on the site that day so designers can stay abreast of the evolving content.

High Point at Home is free for both designers and participating manufacturers.  Steelyard and the High Point Market Authority are leveraging their substantial marketing capabilities to promote High Point at Home to thousands of North American design professionals looking for available resources or to secure new lines and products for projects.  The brands found on High Point at Home are those that support the design trade, see designers as important business partners, and have products and programs in place to provide services to designers. 
Brands and manufacturers can call Steelyard’s COO, Michael D’Imperio, at (410) 746-2095, or via email at mdimperio@steelyardaccess.com  immediately to participate in High Point at Home. 
About Steelyard: For over 20 years, Steelyard has been the industry’s most comprehensive digital product resource serving the interior design trade. Digital and search technology has changed a bit since 1997 when we scanned brand catalogs page-by-page onto the first platform. But the need for a streamlined way to quickly view thousands of products has not changed, and every evolution of Steelyard — from site upgrades to rebranding to more site upgrades — has been designed to create the most efficient way to search and organize products in a password-protected, wholesale environment. At Steelyard, we’re here to connect the industry’s best brands and trade programs with design professionals like you. Whether shopping the go-to giants or hunting for bespoke and emerging artisans, we put them all at the designer’s fingertips with a single login. For more information please visit us at Steelyard.

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