Craftmaster Furniture to Repoen May 4th

  •    Author: Mike Jasfer

Craftmaster Furniture located in Alexander County, N.C. will begin all manufacturing operations on Monday, May 4th.  Craftmaster had shut down operations on Friday March 30th due to the coronavirus epidemic.
“We are following the return-to-work protocols laid out by the Governor of NC along with the CDC guidelines as we ramp up our four manufacturing facilities.” said Roy Calcagne, President/CEO. It is our plan to reopen and comply with state and local guidelines and to keep our work environments, our employees and our customers safe. All employees will be required to wear facemask, all facilities will adhere to strict social distancing rules, the use of hand sanitizers and frequent washing of the hands will be required and we will be cleaning all facilities several times each day,” added Calcagne
We have been very fortunate in Alexander County were only a small number of covid-19 cases have been found. The fact that we closed all operations down four weeks ago as most companies did, has helped contain the spread of virus in our area.
The opening of Craftmaster will coincide with the opening of many of the furniture retailers around the country, with the exception of the Northeastern U.S.
“We are excited to get back to work and building furniture again as well as serving our great retail partners that will be returning to work over the next few weeks. This has been a difficult time for all, and we look forward to our country and our community getting started on the rebuilding process.” added Calcagne
About Craftmaster Furniture: Craftmaster Furniture was founded in 1972 in Taylorsville, N.C. and specializes in moderately priced upholstery produced in the U.S.A.  Craftmaster offers a broad selection of upholstered products and provides custom order, with over 150 living room styles, 100 accents chairs and over 800 fabrics to choose from. Craftmaster also produces the Paula Deen Home Collection under a licensed agreement with the celebrity Chef. Craftmaster is a subsidiary of Samson Holdings along with Universal Furniture and Legacy Classic Furniture. For more information, visit

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