Casa Moda to Source PPE for Furniture Industry

  •    Author: Mike Jasfer

While Covid-19 has temporarily pulled the plug on most trade shows, a trio of proactive and optimistic industry veterans has already sourced a line of products designed to keep furniture market attendees safe at the next and subsequent markets.
Calling on a 20-year relationship previously established China-based factories, Casa Moda Co., based in Warren, NJ, is ready with a full assortment of professional protective equipment (PPE) including gloves, masks and more that all have the necessary FDA approvals.
While these products represent a new venture for the company, the three principals, Sam Golchha, Debbie McGowan and Twanna Zimmerman, are anything but strangers to the home furnishings arena.
Golchha’s family represent third-generation textile manufacturers that provides goods and design services globally. “We have a design studio and warehouse in New Jersey and we own numerous textile brands including Cloud9 Design, Callisto home and Sam&Ava, just to name a few,” she says, adding, “and all these brands show at the High Point Market at the Suites At Market Square.”
McGowan has equally deep ties to the industry that included her owning an interior design firm in Greensboro, NC. For the past 15 years she has worked in the industry as a set designer, furniture showroom designer and project manager for a local photography studio that works closely with the furniture industry.
Zimmerman’s background also is also furniture-centric. Her father, Haywood Zimmerman, was an interior designer with Karl Steinhauser & Associates out of Chicago and traveled year-round to the different Markets setting up showrooms.
“So, it was no surprise that my first job would be working with him at the Southern Furniture Market building. Later on, my family opened a furniture store, so this business is in my blood,” Zimmerman notes.
McGowan explained that the launch of Casa Moda was not initially on their radar. “Watching what was happening with Covid-19 and the resulting shortage of PPE for our medical providers promoted me to do something that could help.”
She explained that the company was initially launched when a number of local health care providers reached out to me for PPE knowing my connections in China. Having 20-year relationships with a number of very reputable factories we were able to source high-quality, FDA-approved products for those health care providers.”
In fact, in the relatively short time since its inception, Casa Moda has already donated thousands of dollars of PPE to local healthcare workers and hospitals. The rest of the items are being provided to medical workers only at landed cost pricing.
Word of Casa Moda’s ability to source these products quickly spread and other companies including trucking firms, cleaning agencies, dentist offices and others began asking for PPE gear including masks and gloves.
Only then did Casa Moda add in a very small margin to pay for expenses, time and shipping.
Knowing how important the High Point Furniture Market is to the local economy, and knowing the vast influx of retailers, supplier and attendees from all parts of the world, the company now wants to offer its lineup of PPE to the Market Authority, individual showroom or any showrooms that want to protect their customers and their workers.
McGowan said, “As we move forward to getting back to the new normal, there will still be apprehensions about social contact. If the furniture market can offer types of protections that can only encourage buyers to have the comfort level to attend.”
When asked how quickly the PPE products could be available, Golchha said, “The products ship/arrive here in 7-10 business days.”
Depending on the quantities, , the orders can be rushed or can be consolidated to get best freight costs.
“Casa Moda is here for one reason….to help people stay healthy,” McGowan concluded.
For more information, contact Debbie McGowan at (336) 912-3704 or at

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