Brandwise Offers New Tools to Keep Sales Strong Amid Coronavirus Concerns

  •    Author: Mike Jasfer

In response to the supply chain disruptions caused by the Coronavirus, Brandwise has expedited the launch of new tools to make it quick, easy and free for Suppliers to keep Sales Representatives aware of on-hand inventory in order to keep products flowing to Retailers.
By all accounts, the supply chain to the wholesale industry is being disrupted by the impact of the Coronavirus in China and other parts of the world.  One of the most effective strategies, that has been discussed throughout the industry, is to mitigate this disruption by encouraging Sales Representatives to focus on selling the products that Suppliers already have in stock, i.e. Sell What’s in Stock.  For this to be useful out in the field, inventory status needs to be readily available to the Sales Rep when they are working with a buyer. 
In response to this need, Brandwise has accelerated the launch of new features within its Brandwise 2.0 platform specifically within the recently launched Transit service.   At no charge, any supplier can provide a daily update on inventory and product availability delivered to Sales Reps via Brandwise’s order capture system, Play.  Brandwise has over 4,500 Sales Reps across the country that use their Play system daily.  These Sales Reps call on over 290,000 Retailers creating over 12,000 orders per day for over 3,700 Suppliers. 
Todd Litzman, CEO and President of Brandwise, says, “Brandwise has always provided visibility into product availability and inventory levels within our tools.  While the timing for a return to normalcy in the supply chain is unknown, we know that providing tools to all suppliers that simplify the loading of this data will help to maintain fill rates.  This will keep Retailers’ shelves stocked; keeping our Suppliers, Sales Reps, and Agencies healthy.”
About Brandwise: At Brandwise, our mission is to empower and simplify the order process by providing sales creation and enablement technology to manage and grow our clients’ businesses. Founded in 1997, Brandwise integrates striking product presentation, intuitive order management, and industry-leading analytics provided on the ONLY platform that builds on the strength of our industry’s past and the potential of our collective future.For more information contact

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