Englander Set for Major Relaunch

  •    Author: Mike Jasfer

Top 15 bedding producer Englander announced that it is set for a major relaunch this month with significant changes in the areas that matter most to retail partners, said President and CEO Mark Kinsley.
In addition to a refreshed brand look and new messaging, Englander will debut a national mattress line, comprehensive retail marketing package, renovated Las Vegas Market showroom and a website redesigned with simplicity in mind.
“Englander’s relaunch is all about giving retail partners what they’ve been asking for,” said Kinsley. “This is a true national line that features a fresh look and the quality they’ve come to love from our company. By combining amazing feels, elegant styling, and a strong marketing package we will create excitement and buzz that helps drive their business. It’s a great time to be with Englander.”
At the upcoming Las Vegas Market, Englander will unveil the Dreamer™ Collection, a national lineup that reflects the history of the brand and its new direction. With a modern and elegant aesthetic, the Dreamer™ Collection is built with materials proven and refined over time – a fabric-encased coil support unit, layers of copper-infused latex, copper-infused visco foam, 3° Open Air™ micro coils and a cool touch top panel.
The collection includes a total of 14 mattresses; eight unique feels in soothing shades of navy, charcoal and taupe. Each model offers a choice of plush or firm with distinct feels throughout the collection to simplify the buying process. The retail price range in this collection for queen (mattress only) is $999 – $1,999.
Kinsley said inspiration for the new line came from early Englander innovations. The company pioneered the use of latex in mattresses. Englander was owned by Goodyear for a time and had access to innovative rubber formulations they used to produce latex foam. Kinsley said Englander is well-known for its latex mattresses and believes consumer interest in latex has grown in recent years as more people learn of its benefits. Plus, latex is known as a component of choice among mattress industry insiders and many informed buyers.
“When I ask industry friends what they sleep on, often the answer is fabric-encased coils and latex. Our goals are to keep it simple. Serve consumers. Design the best in comfort and quality. It made sense to use proven components that those in-the-know sleep on,” explained Kinsley.
Simplicity is a major theme present in the new marketing messages and assets Englander will offer retail partners. In addition to a consumer-friendly website that is easy to understand and navigate, retailers will be provided marketing kits with creative assets, including eye-catching P.O.P., product and lifestyle images, templates for in-store displays and promotions, digital assets, videos and social media content.
“Comfort isn’t complicated. Quality isn’t rocket science. As an industry we tend to make something so natural to humans incredibly complex. Englander is doing what retailers have asked us to do. We’re making it simple,” said Kinsley. “The relaunch of Englander and everything we do going forward is guided by our brand pillars of simplicity, transparency and the best quality, inside and out. We’re making mattresses you would recommend to your mom. We’re taking care of people. And we’re bringing new ideas to our retail partners.”
 About Englander: Englander is a top 15 USA bedding producer. Our bench-made mattresses have delivered millions of nights of happy sleep to people around the world. Our team of expert craftspeople use proven components to make the best mattresses in the world. Founded in 1894, Englander combines old world knowledge with state-of-the-art design to offer a range of sleep systems that deliver better sleep by design®.

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