Threekit Expands Virtual Photographer Product

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Threekit, a visual customer experience company, recently announced the launch of a new product visual platform, allowing companies to easily and cost-effectively create visuals for ecommerce use. Expanding on its product, Virtual Photographer, Threekit has incorporated both augmented reality and interactive 3D configuration into the broadened platform.
“Today, we live in an increasingly visual world, surrounded by Instagram, Snapchat, and Youtube, but too often, when we want to buy something online, the product visuals don’t live up to what we expect,” said Ben Houston, Threekit’s founder and Chief Technology Officer. “With the launch of this platform, companies can greatly elevate their visual customer experiences.”
The launch of Threekit’s new platform bolsters the $2-billion-a-year product visual industry. The platform is purpose-built for online brands and retailers that want to create hyper-realistic visuals that show every customization, configuration, style, color, texture and size of their product. It also allows for easy collaboration between marketers and designers, while serving as a powerful analytics dashboard for tracking how customers engage with products.
Companies using the platform have seen up to 40 percent increase in online conversions and an 80 percent decrease in returns as online shoppers have greater visibility into what they’re buying before it arrives on their doorstep.Threekit’s technology is currently used by market leaders across a variety of industries, from furniture, apparel and jewelry to medical devices and consumer packaged goods. Brands that currently use Threekit’s technology include CÎROC UK, BOSTONtec, and Herman Miller.
About Threekit: Threekit is the only software platform that enables companies to create 3D, photorealistic images, and augmented reality without the need for photography. When buyers can see products represented realistically, they are more engaged, confident, and less likely to return the product.
In August, Threekit launched its flagship product, Virtual Photographer™, a program that creates product images for e-commerce that look real but are completely computer-rendered. Earlier this year, the company raised $10 million in investment, led by serial entrepreneur Godard Abel. Threekit is headquartered in Chicago with a technology innovation center in Ottawa.
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