Sean Bergman Promoted to Chief Operating Officer of PureCare

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PureCare recently announced that Sean Bergman has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer. Bergman originally joined PureCare (then Fabrictech 2000) in early 2011, bringing several years of industry experience in retail sales and marketing strategy to the young business. As Chief Marketing Officer, Bergman was responsible for managing the company’s growing sales force while crafting the innovative strategies behind PureCare’s sleep wellness message. As COO Sean will continue to report directly to PureCare’s President, Jeff Bergman.
“There is no doubt that Sean’s vision for PureCare has shaped our brand voice and helped to foster the culture that defines our business today,” commented Jeff Bergman. “His expanded role as COO allows him to apply that vision and leadership across all departments in order to strengthen operational efficiencies and set the direction of corporate strategies that will support our future growth.”
In his new COO role, Sean Bergman will apply nearly two decades of industry experience toward overseeing all aspects of PureCare’s business; from day-to-day operations to the company’s aggressive domestic and international expansion efforts. Bergman is charged with ensuring that PureCare’s growth is backed by fully modernized, seamlessly integrated systems that continue to exceed customer needs and expectations.
About PureCare: PureCare designs essential elements necessary to create a healthy sleep environment. Their mattress and pillow protectors, sheets, pillows and bedding – all of which combine superior technology, innovation and the highest quality materials – are revolutionary to today’s health conscious consumers and allergy sufferers.  PureCare continues to change the conversation in the sleep essentials industry to focus on health and wellness, and it offers an entire collection of mattress and pillow protectors that are the official protector products of the National Sleep Foundation and the Women’s Choice Award. For more information, visit

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