Kingsdown Expands Luxury Adjustable Bed Base Program With 2 New Models

  •    Author: Mike Jasfer

The Kingsdown Lifted adjustable base.

Kingsdown announced that it will unveil two additional adjustable bed bases at the upcoming Las Vegas Market that are packed with high-end features and can be controlled remotely by Android and Apple devices.

The new models, Lifted and Body Motion®, round out Kingsdown’s entry into the adjustable base category by providing dealers with a full range of luxury models.

“The Epitome created a lot of excitement among our dealers and the luxury component of the base provides them with additional opportunities to boost average ticket sales when selling high-end bedding. Putting an adjustable base under a paired mattress will raise the likelihood of the consumer buying the package,” said Frank Hood, president and chief executive officer of Kingsdown. “We have made sure that all of our adjustable offerings include features not typically found on entry-level products.”

Dressed in upholstery grade fabrics for a high-end contemporary look, all three models offer voice activation through Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Each also incorporates Sleep Smart technology to monitor factors that impact sleep like noise and temperature. The technology also tracks the number of hours slept along with sleep disturbances through the night.

The bases offer a range of function including head and foot articulation, single-button touch return to the flat position, USB ports, pre-set positions and user-programmable positions.

All three models will be on display at Kingsdown’s Las Vegas showroom, C-1588. The Las Vegas Market takes place July 28-Aug. 1.

About Kingsdown: Kingsdown,
Inc., founded in 1904 in Mebane, North Carolina, is a manufacturer of
premium mattress systems serving leading retailers across the United
States and more than 20 countries. Each product is manufactured using
handcrafted techniques combined with state-of-the-art materials and
equipment. Research and development, training, manufacturing and
distribution facilities are headquartered in Mebane. International
offices are located in Tokyo, Japan and Melbourne, Australia. Canadian
manufacturing and distribution are based in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta,
and British Columbia. Additional manufacturing facilities are located in
Waco, Texas; Winchester, Virginia; Lakeland, Florida; Stockton,
California; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil;
Shenzhen, China; Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, Australia. In 2018, The
Kingsdown Group was formed through the acquisition of Zedbed
International, a leading foam mattress manufacturer, and the merger of
Owen & Company with Kingsdown, Inc. to form one of the largest and
fastest growing Sleep Technology groups in North America. For more
information, visit

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