Reupholstering a Couch: Customize Your Furniture Exactly How You Want It

  •    Author: Mike Jasfer

Now that the furniture prices have gone up and most people wish to be efficient and reupholster couches and chairs rather than buying the new ones. It is not only efficient but also echo friendly and very creative. Do you feel like giving it a go? We can make reupholstering easy for you.


We can give you at least two major reasons why it is better to reupholster a couch or a chair than to buy a new one. First of all you get to save yourself a few thousand dollars secondly you get a couch that is customized to your personal taste and it is all about you.

Think about it, an old used couch would cost you about 40$ plus the same amount for the fabrics and the appliances. Now compare it to 3000 dollars, an average price of the new textile couch.

So if you are a handy and efficient person than reupholstering is just the thing for you. And if you have never done it and have very little idea on how to reupholster a chair or a couch yourself than follow our manual, it is much easier than you think.

Getting Ready

So what do you need to get creative and give a new life to the old couch? I would advise you first try to reupholster a chair just to get some experience and practice a little bit. Later when you get your hands on the actual couch it will be easier for you. So the tools you need to have are:

  • flat knife
  • flat screw driver
  • staple gun
  • staples
  • pliers
  • hammer
  • 6-8 sq. m. of the upholstery fabric, but that depends on the size of the couch
  • upholstery piping
  • upholstery thread
  • heavy-duty sawing machine
  • screwdriver
  • sharpie

The list is not universal and each couch is unique so you might need to sew on the buttons or zippers for the pillowcases. What you need is your creative mind and a will to work and you will handle it just fine.

A step By Step Guide for reupholstering the couch

Now here is the complete step by step guide for the DIY people willing to learn how to reupholster a couch themselves.

  1. Turn your sofa to the side; remove the legs and all the bottom hardware. Then pull out the staples and then remove the bottom cover.
  2. Once you have removed all the bottom staples start to release the upholstery. You should be slow and careful; this is also a great chance to check the couch condition.
  3. Now turn the sofa upside down. It is likely that the fabric is held in place by the two metal stretchers that you have to remove carefully and save for later. Remove the back piece to the front and release the cardboard.
  4. Turn the sofa upwards and remove the outsides of the arms. Label all the fabric pieces and parts to refurbish them later.
  5. Now you can remove the staples from the front pieces.
  6. Take the new cloth and mark the sewing pattern using the couch cloth pieces that you have marked and prepared. Use cotton balls in case you need additional padding.
  7. Start fitting the fabric from the corners making sure it fits together tightly. Secure the new fabric with staples.
  8. Remove the arm pieces and cover them in the new cloth.
  9. Now that you have the bottom and the sides ready sew the new front piece and secure it together with the staples.
  10. Create the new back piece.
  11. Now install the bottom hardware and the legs back.
  12. Create the new cushions. You’re done.

More Tips

Just in case you feel like the old padding is worn out you can replace that as well. The foam cushions wear out fast so you might want to purchase the new foam as well.

Use cotton piping for the borders, fold the material in half over the piping and saw it together. Then pin the piping around the material starting from the middle and saw the remaining ends of fabric. This way the reupholstered couch will get to have the new cleaner lines.

And trust us that though the manual seems to be complex the whole procedure is not hard, it is fun and creative. You can even use it as a bonding time for the family. And if you still have any questions on how to reupholster a chair or a couch let us know. We will be more than happy to help you.

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