A Tufted Sofa in Your Interior – 9 Home Decor Tips

  •    Author: Mike Jasfer

The tufted couch has lived through the many centuries as one of the oldest and most popular sofa styles. They are loved for their comfort and coziness combined with timeless style and elegance. Remember that the investment in your comfort always pays back.

Respect the Tufts

Have you already decided where you want the tufts to be, whether it will be a chair, couch, chaise or a tufted sectional sofa you will be able to customize the design and pick the style that is all about you and your home.

If you still think that tufts only work with the classical interiors and look old check out our designer ideas, you will definitely fall In love with modern tufted sofa styles.  We have come up with the tips to make your choice easy.

How to Pick the Best Sofa for Your Home?

Our designers have come up with 10 major tips for you to pick the best tufted couch aka chesterfield for your home.

  1. Comfort is the most important thing. Check the couch to make sure it gives you enough lower back support so you do not have to throw in the pillows, take your time sit on a few different sofas and remember to make the choice wisely. Also make sure the foaming and the furnishing are of good quality.
  2. Think about designing the room around the tufted sofa. Remember that the massive forms and attention grabbing tufts will out stage the surrounding forms. In order to balance out the sofa consider the clean modern lines or rustic furniture style. Use bright artworks and rugs.
  3. Traditional colors are dark velvet reds, browns and blacks. Such colors age beautifully. A classic tufted leather sofa in neutral colors is timeless.
  4. A more contemporary design in red, gray or orange tones will not overwhelm the interior and works well in the rooms with no dark walls.
  5. Make sure to pick the best upholstery. Modern cotton fabrics are sun fade and stain resistant and have an improved durability. You will not have to worry about the stains on your couch anymore.
  6. Remember about the tufts. You can pick a narrower 6.5 inches tufting or slightly wider 11 inches atelier tufting style. A narrow tufting provides a slightly harder resistance and looks more traditional while atelier tufting looks plushier.
  7. Typically the tufts go with turned and ornate legs. Legs vary from 4 to 6 inches. Square tapers create a modern look.
  8. Remember that a chesterfield is quite a substantial piece of furniture. Remember that with the side parts you will get a slightly bigger sofa then you expect. If you have to work with smaller room check out the shallower options.
  9. Pick the right configuration. We can customize the seat, cushion, nail heads, seating depth etc. Pick the flat-back option if you want to put the couch against the wall, go for the sleeper chesterfield sofa if you need an extra bed, the possibilities are endless here.

Come Back For More Tips

Of course millions of options and combinations in thousands of different online shops might make your head hurt. Remember that we have got you covered and if you have any further questions or show you need more advices contact us any time. Our professional designers do know a few things about couches.

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