Leather Sofa: 6 Things to Consider Before

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No matter what interior you have there is a sofa to match your home perfectly. With all the variety of styles, colors, finishes and prices it will be easy for you to pick something for the whole family to relax in the evening. There are a few most popular leather sofa styles and we shall go over them briefly. The most common name for such a couch is a leather chesterfield sofa as this is a common term for the couch with its back and sides on the same length so do not be surprised when you hear it.

Sofa Styles

A leather couch bed is great for when you want a multifunctional sofa in your living room. During the day it is a quality leather low-maintenance couch for the family and if you have any guests it can be easily transformed into a bed. Later on we shall give you plenty of tips to be able to pick the leather type that fits your family needs perfectly.

If you have lots of friends and family a sectional leather sofa is the best option for you. Most people do not like it when their guests have to sit away on the chair. A sectioned sofa feels more intimate as it has lots of space for a few people to sit on it comfortably.

Pay Attention

So if you are first time leather furniture buyer than pay attention to these details:

  1. How to tell a genuine leather couch? First of all check for the stitches on the back of the sofa, if it is made of one piece you will have to ask where they have found such a huge cow. Leather is much warmer and softer to the touch and if there are zippers available then undo one of them and check out the inner leather surface.
  2. Is it always better to go for the most expensive leather sofa? Well the answer is yes and no, the cheaper material goes through extra pigmentation finishing and so is more durable to the stain than the softer leather. Although high quality “aniline” leather feels nicer to the skin. You can go for the “semi-aniline” which is now the most common option in furniture stores.
  3. What is better, pigment or aniline? Every tanned hide is covered in finish right after being colored. Pigment is a protective opaque color which makes the leather feel cooler and can fade away in the sun. Aniline is a clear and organic pigment that colors the hide but does not cover it completely so the leather feels softer but also easier to stain. Semi-aniline finish combines those two pigments together.
  4. The top grain and the split grain leather. At the tannery the hide is being split into two layers, the top grain and the split grain aka the flesh part. The split grain is used for the sides and the back of the couch to keep the price lower.
  5. The heavily pigmented leather is easier to take care of while aniline leather gets stained very easily.
  6. Remember that patina tends to get darker in the spots where you sit. Also leather tends to fade in the sun like all the other materials.

Why Italian Leather Is Considered To Be The Best?

Italian leather is considered to be the best for a reason. So if you are looking for the couch that is built to last you should pay attention to this type of leather manufacturing. First of all the process takes much longer and only the best quality products are being used when producing the Italian leather sofas. Only the traditional natural plant and vegetable extracts are being used when hides into leather.

The material is not mass produced and so it oozes sophistication and class. Plus it is made to last and can resist daily wearing and tearing, most scratches can be easily wiped away so purchasing an Italian leather sofa you get a product with a lifetime warranty. Let us know in case you have any other questions remaining and we shall be very happy to help you.

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