4 Ways to Design Your Living Room with an Oversized Couch

  •    Author: Mike Jasfer

When you design your home the first thing you care about is coziness and comfort. An oversized couch for the whole family to relax in together is a great choice but making it work for the small room might seem like a real challenge. But fear not, no need to have an interior designer diploma to create a beautiful home.

How to Organize Your Space Right?

If you are still worried that there is no way for you to make an oversized couch for the whole family work in the small room follow these four simple steps to perfection:

  1. It is all about the location. If you place the couch next to the wall so it has plenty of space in front of it than your couch will not look too big. Place a fireplace, TV or a window in front of it as a large focal point. An oversized sectional will work best in the end corner.
  2. Pale walls reflect more light than the dark walls. If white is too bland for you try ivory, cream or milky to brighten up the space so it will not look too stifled.
  3. Oversized couches do not go well with tiny furniture. On the opposite it makes them look very bulky. Opt for the simple lines and midsized furniture instead. The same rule is applied to the wall hangings. Do not go for the many small picture frames. Use a few middle sized pictures or even a single big mirror.
  4. Remember that a king size bed or a couple of oversized chairs will be the focal point of the interior do not try to use any other dramatic elements. No need to use fuzzy bright curtains or mountains of pillows.

Remember About the Scale

You might of course have heard about the basic advice not to use king size beds or oversized sofa sets. Well forget about it, the trick is to mind the scales of the furniture pieces in your room and not the room size itself. Very few people can afford to have a huge space and as many furniture as they want.

Visually compare an object to the space around it. For example, if you have a huge living room than even an oversized sectional settee will work as it will be dwarfed by the amount of free space around it. But what if you want to have a nice big couch in the 12 sq. m. living room? Follow our guidelines.

First of all determine the furniture piece, use an oversized couch and keep the rest of the furniture small and simple. Or go for one huge couch and skip the chairs and ottomans altogether. Minimize the amount of furniture by making them serve double duty. A kitchen chair might serve as an occasional living room chair, your sofa and table should also have some storage space in them.

Comfort and oversized couches

Carefully look at the sitting area, would it be easy for the guests to determine their way out? If you have to step over a chair or a table in order to get out of the room it is time for some major purging. Throw away all the extra furniture.

And remember that paining a small room dark color will only make it look smaller. It does not matter whether the decorators would tell you that paining all the walls and the ceiling into the dark colors is very it right now, dark colors make the room darker hence smaller. What you need is an understated, simple minimalistic and clean look. And remember that no matter what couch you pick we always have your back. After all, your home should be all about comfort.

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