Why You Need to Have Floating Bedside Table on Your Bedroom

  •    Author: Mike Jasfer

Floating beside table is a must for you who would like to have bedroom with modern look. Modern bedroom sometimes means that you not only have your room in stylist design, but you also own sophisticated furniture in it. Floating table beside your exquisite is definitely needed for completing your modern design. You can adorn your room with this floating table; this table will help your room look neat, clean and stylist. Here are some ideas for applying floating table beside your bed.

Ideas for Floating Bedside Table

Floating table is set by mounting it on your bedroom wall. This kind of table is usually applied next to the bed. Most of floating table is made of wood and metal, you may choose materials that fit with your taste and budget. Next, you may design floating table with your favorite materials based on your personal taste. You need to consider about what things that you always have next to your bed, you may have books, radios, gadgets or other stuffs. Then you can decide how big your table after considering your stuffs. You can design floating table with single level or multiple level based on your need.

Numerous styles, shapes and sizes of floating tables are available, if you need some inspirations for designing your floating tables, you just need to googling. Tons of ideas will come on your minds. Next, you need to mix and match the color scheme of your table and with the color of your room. If you paint your room with all white or other pastel light colors, you can put dark or heavy color on your floating table. Besides paying attention on the colors, you also need to think about the mounting system. You are going to stick that table on the wall, make sure that your design enables you to mount the table on the wall firmly.

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