Picnic Table Designs Ideas

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Picnic table designs ideas are the idea about the designs of the picnic table. Having a big house with a big backyard can be a great thing. But, the problem is how will you decorate them well? Lately, people are really into decorating the backyard with many things such as swing, pool, picnic table, and many more. In case of picnic table, many people are actually wished to have a quick yet cozy picnic in their big backyard. That’s why they buy a picnic table and create a small picnic in there. There are so many interesting designs of picnic table that you should know.

Traditional Picnic Table Designs

Traditional designs of picnic table are the school-like picnic table. You’ll have one rectangular shaped table with a bench in each side. Both benches were attached to the table. And that makes the picnic table seems like one package. Usually, this kind of traditional picnic table is using wooden style as the main design of the picnic table. They’ll use the old wood style with the natural wooden color as the color of the picnic table. It creates a cozy and comfortable vibes. The picnic table was also look like its using contemporary style for the design. And that’s a great thing about the contemporary design

The modern one is like an octagon picnic table. It’s actually has the same concept as the first design. The bench was attached to the table. But the shape of the table and the bench is different. This time, the table has octagon shape and so do the bench. This picnic table can be used for at least six people. Instead of the contemporary wooden style, they are using colorful theme to create a bright vibe. They’ll using purple or orange color for the picnic table.

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