Counter High Dining Table in a Minimalist Home

  •    Author: Mike Jasfer

Counter high dining table can be found easily in every country in this world. Many of us love to have breakfast or dinner in a table together with family member. Sitting on the chair can be the best moment of every people since they can share story and tell everything happened in their day. Even, some of us feel more comfortable while sitting on the dining room rather than in the living room. However, have you ever thought the appropriate style of this dining table for minimalist home? Let’s check this out below.

Where can we find counter high dining table?

Actually we can find various tables with the style of counter high dining t such as round or square board. Then we can choose whether using foam or not for the chair. This kind of table is dominated in dark color like black and brown. While brown is the most famous color that people use to be applied in that table. In several countries, people usually carve the table and the chair in beautiful carving like flower, animal, their name or other object as they want.

Alike the coffee table, you may also give any compartments under it. Some people like to save their dishes there to ease them in reaching out when a large number of people come. It is okay for them to put cups or plates there. The most important thing is that you have to cover it by giving curtain or door.

If you want to apply this dining table to your sweet minimalist home, choose the appropriate size of the table and decide the number of the chairs. It is better for you to have four up to six chairs – more than that, it would mess your room. You have to simplify the furniture with your home’s size. Don’t forget to have the right model of the furniture. Each model will affect the beauty of your room.

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