Coffee Table with Seating Design Ideas

  •    Author: Mike Jasfer

Coffee table with seating design ideas is the ideas about the designs of the coffee table. In this case, the coffee table is the one that has chairs too. Coffee table is kind of small table that usually used in the coffee shop. In the coffee shop, commonly, they’ll use small table instead of big table. In that case, only one until four people that will be sitting next each other. Lately, many people are looking for the coffee table. They buy the coffee table and the seating too for their living room or family room. Here are some example of the coffee table and its seating.

Pennington Coffee Table with Seating

The first one is called Pennington Coffee Table Set. This coffee table has the simple rectangular-shaped table with four small sofa chairs. The interesting thing about this coffee table set is the fact that you can hide the chairs under the table. The space under the table is big purposely use as the space to save the chairs. When you pull in the chair under the table, you will see one box-shaped table in dark brown color. It’s such a great idea for the coffee table.

The second one is called Newberry 2 Piece Nested Coffee Table Set. At a glance, you might think that this is not a coffee table. It’ because there are two simple table; one table is small and higher than the other one while the other one longer and shorter. But, when you put the long one under the small table, then pull out until the small table is in the middle part, you’ll find out that you get the coffee table with two seats. So, the small yet higher table is table. And the long yet shorter table is the bench. That’s kind of creative idea to go with, right?

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