Baby Dresser Changing Table Design Ideas

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Baby dresser changing table design ideas are the ideas about the designs of baby dresser changing table. This kind of table is a special table with wardrobe and sofa as part of the table design. The basic design of this table is a space with sofa as the place for baby to change her clothes or diaper. Under the table, there’ll wardrobe that usually used as the wardrobe for the baby clothes and diaper. Some of the people nowadays are even using this dresser changing table as the place to put the baby into sleep.

Bold Baby Dresser Changing Table

This kind of table is probably the most effective baby changing table. The basic design of the table and wardrobe is all white concepts. At the surface, you’ll find the sofa as the main place for baby to change her dress and there are two small spaces that can be used to place the powder or baby oil. The wardrobe is totally using modern design with bubble design and elegant white color. There are many desks in the table-wardrobe. You can arrange the baby’s clothes and all the baby needs in those desks. For the design, you can actually change the white color into other bright color such as red color, purple color, green color, yellow color, and many more.

This changing table is actually has similar design with the bold baby changing table. But this high-low changing table is using all wooden style and creates a contemporary vibe rather than the modern one. The designer is purposely choosing the old-look wood as the material of the changing table. It’ll give a classic vibe too for the changing table. The designer is painted the changing color. Instead, the designer is stuck with the natural wooden color from the old-look wood.

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