Wooden Oversized Coffee Table

  •    Author: Mike Jasfer

Oversized coffee table is a lovely thing to have in your house. A coffee table will not be only a table, because it could be a place where you and your family share the pastime. Coffee is a kind of drink that is very fit to drink with having a chit chat with your family. This could also be used to serve the guest. Why should be oversized? Sometimes a small coffee table is just not enough, so that an oversized one will be nice to be a table for four until six people in the same time. The materials of this table are various, such as, wood, steel, aluminum, steel, and plastic. Wooden table is certainly the best one.

Rustic Wooden Oversized Coffee Table

As you know, rustic style always delivers the natural atmosphere with its wood. An oversized table will be nice to be good furniture with rustic style. In rustic style, of course there are a lot of wood types that you could pick as the coffee table, but you should need to consider about the quality of the wood. The most common woods for rustic style are oak, teak, mahogany, poplar, and birch. For its elegant color and durability, teak is on the top list. Teak is very strong and completely compatible as furniture. However, this is one the most expensive wood, because it can cost around $24 for only a board foot.

Oak is another option. This is the most common wood for furniture, and its quality is undoubted. This wood will always be nice as furniture, because of its color. It has two different color; red and white. You could pick the one which is more compatible with your house color. About the style of the coffee table, you might pick the carved one that shows an artistic look, or you could pick an old style table.

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