Various Attractive Designs for Picnic Table Covers

  •    Author: Mike Jasfer

Picnic table covers are available in a lot of great designs. There are some ideas for outdoor space, and one of them is to create a small space at the backyard for you and family to have picnic on the weekend. It doesn’t need many decorations, but a set of picnic table is more than enough. The table is commonly designed in long size and with two benches attached in every side. It can be made from woods or iron. Then, to make it more attractive, the table is usually decorated with the covers in various designs and materials.

Picnic Table Covers in Beautiful Designs

Even though some people prefer to let the table uncovered to accentuate the natural look of the wood, the table with cover can be more attractive. Before you choose the design, you should choose the material for the cover. The vinyl cover is good for outdoor use. It needs only low maintenance and can resist from any weather. Then, if you are easily bored, you can use cover of table cloth. Different with vinyl cover that is usually applied permanently, the table cloth can be used only when you are going to have picnic.

Moreover, the pattern for the cover is available in various designs. If you love simplicity, you can choose checkered pattern that is a common design for cover of picnic table. The colors can be chosen depend on your taste. Then, the other pattern is floral. It is really great for outdoor space because it can be blend with the nature. The animal pattern is also nice to choose, like flamingo, bear, and many more. Furthermore, there are also unique designs like patriotic pattern. Then, for the bench, some of covers are featured with pads to give cushy seats. So, you can eat the meal comfortably.

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