Sensory Table Ideas to Develop Kids’ Cognitive Skill

  •    Author: Mike Jasfer

Sensory table ideas are available in a lot of creative designs. If you have kids, especially the toddler, you can bring them to preschool. There, they will be guide to play with educational games. The games are variable, but the school must provide sensory table. This table is not usual playing place, but also provides the games that can stimulate kids’ sensory abilities. The materials for the games on the table are water, sand, plastic and many more. Then, if you want to have a unit of sensory table at your house for your kids, you might look at these cool ideas below.

Creative Designs for Sensory Table Ideas

The common material that is chosen for sensory table is sands. You can pour sands on the table with hollow top. Then, provide some bowls in various shapes and sizes. You can ask kids to fill the bowl with the sands and capsize it. The kids will be excited to make many forms of sand on the table. Next idea is to use water as media for playing. You can fill the table with water and some colorful plastic balls. To play it, you can give the kids a bowl and ask them to put the balls with same color into the bowl.

Another idea still uses colors for stimulate kids’ cognitive skills, but now, you can use colorful wooden block in various shapes. The shapes can be triangle, rectangle, round, square, parallelogram and many more. They can arrange the blocks as they want. It can a house, tower or castle. Then, you also can invite the kids to do simple experiments with colors. You can use color paints or just the water that has been mixed with dye. Prepare some containers with water in basic colors like red, yellow, and blue. Then, ask them to mix two colors to make a new color.

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