Outdoor Buffet Table for Better Home Garden

  •    Author: Mike Jasfer

Outdoor buffet table can perfect your home, it is something that you can set it by yourself to have better home garden decoration for your daily activity or special event, especially when you have precious time with your family or your friends for some parties, such as; wedding party, birthday party, anniversary, and the others. Setting your own buffet table will take several times, but the result will be satisfying if you know how to set the buffet table very well. The paragraphs below are introducing some simple steps that you can follow to have your own buffet table for outdoor daily activity or precious event.

Some Steps to Set Up Outdoor Buffet Table

First, you have to look for the basic materials that you want to use. You can use wood, iron, thick stone, or you can use all of it in great combination. However, the materials that often to be used is wood. You can get it from cutting the trees or using wood trace from your furniture that are not used anymore. Moreover, you have to complete all of supporting materials like nail, hammer, paint, and saw.

Second, you have to measure the materials that you want to make, measure the upper part and the buffet table’s leg. Whether you want to make it in circle shape, foursquare, or triangle shape, you have to make sure that all of the size and shape are symmetrical and strong enough to be put any foods and things on the buffet table.

Third, you have to parallelize the materials. Screw the materials that you want to be table’s leg in every corner of the basic materials, or only in the center of the bottom part. Make sure that all of it has the same in length and height, and it is not aslant. Before you painted it, you can crave some incisions in the side of buffet table, then paint it and put some equipment or food on the top.

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