Making your own beer cap table

  •    Author: Mike Jasfer

Beer cap table is the creation from creative people. You can also be creative person with making that ‘trash’ becomes great table for your house. Do you have many bottle caps in your house, and you want to throw it into the garbage dump? Think again. Bottle cap is not as unusual as it is, you can create something great with it. Be creative with recycling the bottle caps into the things that can make people look it with fantastic view, make people overawe with your great fascinating creation from bottle caps. The more you have bottle caps, the more you can play with creativity to make the greatest things ever in your life.

Do It Yourself Beer Cap Table

What you will need when make bottle cap table are; a table –it depends on you about the size and shape, a lot of bottle caps, glue which can stick strongly between your caps and the table, aluminum foil, and liquid resin. First, prepare the table, then collect all of the caps and arrange it on the table. Lay out your bottle caps design on the table. Then, arrange the caps with the similar color or caps product. The next step is gluing the bottle caps on the table appropriately with the lay out before. Make sure that the position of caps is on top like on top of bottle. Cover the edge of table with aluminum foil, and then pour the liquid resin on it, the aluminum foil has the function as barrier to keep the resin fall down and make your room dirty. After pouring the liquid resin, you can uncover the aluminum foil and dry it for 8 until 10 hours under the sunshine.

After you followed the steps above, your bottle cap table is not perfect yet. Try to beautify it with adding some adorable trappings on it. Then, you finally have perfect bottle cap table that can you show off to your friends.

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