Laundry Folding Table for Small Room

  •    Author: Mike Jasfer

Laundry folding table is really nice to save the space. If you have a laundry room with small space, you should choose the table that can be folded when it is not used. The laundry table is actually a space for you to fold the dry clothes after they are washed. Therefore, the table is usually made with standard height that makes you easier in folding the clothes. You also can choose the table with the height that is efficient for you to fold while standing or sitting on the chair. Moreover, what make the laundry table in folding design different with the others?

Laundry Folding Table with Additional Storage

The main difference of folding table with the regular one is of course its special feature that enables it to be folded when the table is not in use. Even though the table’s size is smaller than the other laundry table, the feature of folded leg gives it more benefits for small room, because it can save the space. So, where can you store the table when it is not in use? The table is commonly set in wall mounted or attaching to cabinet’s side. So, after the table is folded flat, it can be leaned on the wall or the side of cabinet.

Then, while the regular table is designed with storages under the top, the folding table is not. So, to give you additional storage, you can provide a shelf that can be hang on the wall above the table. Then, when you don’t use the table, you still can store the clothes in the shelf. It also can save the space, because you can use the wall’s space instead the floor. Furthermore, to enhance the room, you can choose the table in nice design, like painted wood, or the pretty fabric as top cover.

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