Farm Table Plans for Dining Table

  •    Author: Mike Jasfer

Farm table plans are not too difficult to try. You can make it by yourself even you are not professional carpenter. However, you must know some basic method like cutting, assembling, and screwing. Besides, there are some tools that you must prepare before making this stunning table. It doesn’t necessary to use hardwood as main material, because you can use lumbers, fir and any other wood types.

The perfect and fine design is not required because the farm table is distinguished with its rustic and authentic look. This furniture is good for dining table with bench or chairs. So, if you want to make this table, you can look at these simple ways below.

How to Do Farm Table Plans in Simple Ways

Some tools that you must prepare are pencil, tape measure, saw, drill, screw, and for your safety, don’t forget about safety glasses too. Then, after the lumbers are dry and ready to use, you can measure and cut it. There will be two parts which are table top and base with the legs. The base must be assembled in steady structure. The legs also should be made in right size in order to support the weight of the top. So, after the base and legs have been assembled, you can continue to make the table top.

The table top is a compilation of some wood plank. The woods must be joined accurately to create a nice look. The size of each planks should also same with each other, so you can assemble it easily. When all parts are ready, you can paint it or, for natural look, just varnish it. Then, when the paint is dry, assemble the table top with the base. Then, your farm table is ready and you can put it in dining room with the wooden chairs or long bench.

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