Decorate Dining Room with Distressed Wood Dining Table

  •    Author: Mike Jasfer

Distressed wood dining table and farm table indeed two distinctive things, even so those two boasts similar aura into dining room. Therefore, if buying a farm table is too much for you, but dealing with a complicated do-it-yourself project is not your stuffs, trying a distressed wood for dining table, can be another option. Yes, both of two are different, but there is no other kind of table which can replace a farm table perfectly like dining table with distressed wood. Anyway, for those who have no idea what distressed wood is, then it is an aging process that is applied into certain wood furniture to achieve antique look.

Make Your Own Distressed Dining Table

If your dining table still in its good condition, rather than buying the new one, distress the table by yourself is way better. This is not only cost-efficient, but this is environment-friendly as well. Nevertheless, distress a dining table is not as complex as you think. In fact, it requires you a very simple way. but, there is one thing to consider before you start the distress project, it is about your expectation toward the final result of your dining table, if you want to let the old color peek shyly, you need two paint colors, meanwhile, if you want a bare look, then one is enough.

Beforehand, you need some tools such as sand paper, tack cloth, painting tools and some more. To begin the process, sand the dining table carefully, clean the surface afterward. Next, be sure you coat the whole surface of dining room with your preference color. Once it is dried, if you expect a bare-wood appearance for the dining table, once again sand the surface carefully, in this phase, be sure you know when to stop the, stain it. However, if you want to give more color to dining room, after you sand it, coat the dining table one more with base coat and wax.

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