Complete Your Kitchen Décor with Butcher Block Table Tops

  •    Author: Mike Jasfer

Butcher block table tops are very stunning and durable. If your kitchen design is getting boring, you can enhance it with the butcher blocks for the table top. You can use it for Kitchen Island, counter top, kitchen bar, or dining table. The design is so stylish. Therefore, you can provide it in your kitchen. The look is neutral, so it can be fit to any décor theme. Especially, if your kitchen is decorated in modern style, this table top can blend to other furniture and appliance. Beside the nice design, this table top also comes with great durability.

Butcher Block Table Tops from Hardwoods

Table top that is made of butcher block is not usual wooden plank. The design is about some wooden blocks that are assembled become a table top. To create a stunning look, the blocks are made of various sizes, shapes, and colors. You can choose any hardwood kinds for the material. The durable wood like maple, cherry, oak, and many other ones are cut into variable butcher block. Then, the incredible design is made through the art of assembling the blocks. The various shapes of shapes like round, square or rectangle can create a beautiful table top.

Moreover, the combination of blocks in different colors from the light to dark tones can create a nice gradation. The blocks are commonly joined with superglue to make a smooth surface. Generally, this table top is not painted, but only varnished to give a shining and sleek look. The natural beauty of the woods is an aesthetic point for the design expandable round table. Then, if you want to get rustic look, you can choose the shabby woods to create a country atmosphere at your kitchen. Furthermore, for the sturdiness and durability, you don’t need to worry, because the hardwood has been popular with its resistance for years.

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