Contemporary Furniture — The Perfect Inspiration for a New Look!

With summer fast approaching and the weather constantly changing why not lift your spirits with something new for your home? Contemporary furniture is a perfect for enhancing your decor and transforming the space you live in! Bold designs mixed with vibrant colors and exceptional quality is always a winning combination with modern furniture. Depending on your desired room, contemporary furniture can work wonders in almost all areas of the home. Both the living room and bedroom are spaces that can massively benefit from a splash of contemporary flarel So kick back, relax and let this article guide you in your decisions to creating a beautiful home.

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Bedroom furniture

When looking to furnish the bedroom in a modern style choosing the perfect contemporary bed is essential. Try delving into the Italian sector of bedroom furniture; these are always full of exciting designs that will really lift your bedroom to new unparallel levels. Straight lined shapes combined with fantastically designed headboards are a match made in heaven when it comes to modern bedroom furniture. Sumptuous headboards with subtle curves and deep button detailing look amazing when upholstered in real leather.

Colors in this sector can vary massively depending on personal taste, elephant greys and chocolate browns are some of our favorites! Try bed frames made from beech wood or mahogany these will guarantee quality and ensure that you purchase a bed that will stand the test of time. Bedside table are a quirky solution to jazzing up your favourite place of rest. Chrome or Venetian inspired pieces are excellent for bringing a slick, masculine vibe to a bedroom in need of some manly charm. For-those looking for more of an impact opt for pieces with daring shapes and interesting shelf arrangements, these will complement your bed effortlessly.

Living room furniture

The living room is probably the most renowned for being furnished with contemporary furniture in mind. Typically chairs have been built to show off modern design at its best. Pieces shaped like tulips or swirls are very avant—garde and will certainly wow your guests. The famous Panton styled 8 Chair or Jacobsen styled egg chair are fabulous examples of contemporary design with their fluid forms and thought provoking shapes. Colours are critical when looking to purchase a contemporary chair, for busy interiors opt for softer tones and place subtly in the living room. If you are working with a neutral colour scheme then try introducing a splash of vibrancy with a chair in red,blue or even green! All will look brilliant when it comes to redecorating with a fresh style in mind.

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